Being part of the car-sharing community comes with mutual responsibilities. That is why we’ve created #TheSOCARWay – a set of guidelines and tips from SOCAR to the community – to foster goodness and the right practices as we enjoy the shared experience together. Every action matters. Do your part today, for a safe and reliable […]

Getting around in Malaysia is super easy, even for foreigners. But we understand sometimes you just want to get away from the jam-packed public transport & costly e-hailing services. That’s when SOCAR comes into play! Malaysia’s No. 1 Car Rental Made Easy For All SOCAR allows you to book budget-friendly cars from as low as […]

How long before the reservation start time can I access the car? You are only allowed to access the car 10 minutes before the reservations start time. So, if you made your booking at 3pm, you should be able to unlock the car by 2.50pm after you have uploaded the car inspection photo and Selfie […]

What do I do if I’m running late to return the car? If you are running late, you will need to extend your booking before your booking time ends. There will be penalty charges for late return. You will be charged 2 times the rental fee for each late return bookings. To extend your booking, […]

Welcome to SOCAR! We know it can be overwhelming when it’s your first time, so here I’ll be answering a few of the most asked questions, to ensure that you are equipped and ready to drive a SOCAR! MoveSmarter with SOCAR! What’s the difference between Roundtrip and SOCAR-2-YOU? SOCAR offers different services, so how do […]

It’s been a long while, and we’ve missed reuniting and yum cha-ing with our family and friends again. But, some of us are still anxious about getting the coronavirus, and we don’t want our family and friends to get it either — touch wood. If you are looking to embrace your loved ones and plan […]