#MoveSmart – Ways to maximise your car-sharing experience

Did you know there are many ways to make your SOCAR booking more enjoyable, with just a few taps here and there on your phone?

Scroll down to check out great tips that will definitely help you become a pro at planning, and get the most out of your booking.

MoveSmarter with SOCAR today!

Make the smart move with these tips

Count your mileage

Knowing your travelling distance is important to ensure you’ll have a smooth, on-budget trip:

  • Review your driving distance from point A to B.
  • Use navigation apps like Waze & Google Maps.
  • Choose a suitable mileage package on the app.

Choose the best mileage package

Drive more for less just by adding on a suitable Mileage Package:

  • Tap ‘Mileage Package’ under ‘Value Add-ons’ at the booking page.
  • Choose between 10KM, 50KM, or 100KM mileage based on your traveling distance.
  • Extra RM0.25/KM charges will apply if you exceed the mileage added during your trip

Fuel up and enjoy fuel reimbursement

Need extra fuel? We got you. Get fuel reimbursement during or after your booking:

  • Refuel your SOCAR and keep the tank to at least half-full.
  • Tap ‘Fuel Reimbursement’ under the ‘Bookings’ page on the SOCAR app.
  • Take a clear picture of your fuel receipt and the SOCAR tax sticker.
  • Fill up required details, submit, & receive reimbursement within 14 working days.

More smart tips on the way!

MoveSmarter with SOCAR today!