5 Genius Packing Hacks for a Lighter Suitcase

Bad News: We can’t do the packing for you. 

Good News: But, what we can do instead is curate a list of insanely genius packing hacks that will make packing faster, easier AND less stressful — guaranteed! 

Miss Overpacking? We don’t know her.

Plan your outfits

Make your own day-by-day #FitCheck list — aka what you will wear for each Instagram tile — to make sure you are only packing just enough and you are not overpacking. Without a plan, you could end up packing your whole closet. Imagine a walking wardrobe!

A useful tip is to pack two different tops for every bottom (perhaps a shirt and a sweater) as you are more likely to rewear a pair of bottoms.

Roll (don’t fold) your clothes

Saves up space in the suitcase? Checked. Keeps creasing to a minimum? Double checked. 

Additionally, you can easily and instantly spot the blouse you’d like to wear without having to lift layers of folded clothes.

Capitalise on empty space

Because every last inch of your suitcase counts, compartmentalise the bag using packing cubes. For instance, group tops together, bottoms together, and other miscellaneous items such as important documents, footwear, and others.

Another tip — maximise underutilised space. Look for the insides of shoes (put your cords and chargers!) and socks (put your fragile items!).

Put your toiletries in a transparent bag

The last thing you’d want is your toiletries leaking and spilling in your suitcase. Keep your toiletries and makeup in a see-through pouch so that (a) they will be confined in case of a leak and (b) you will be able to see everything without digging through your suitcase.

The heavy things go near the wheels

Start at the bottom. When packing, think of what will happen when you stand the suitcase up on its wheels. Pack the heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase so that they would stay upright when it’s rolling and not upside down.

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