The Sabah Tea Garden considers itself to be one of the very few organic tea gardens in the world and the only garden in Borneo. A visit to the tea garden is educational as well as enjoyable because visitors can take advantage of the many leisure activities offered there.  Obstacle-crossing at Sapaon Recreational Area, a […]

The Chinese New Year goes beyond just angpao packets, leng outfits, and shouting “Huat ah!” at the top of our lungs over yee sang. The true meaning of the Chinese New Year is about coming together and reconnecting with loved ones. No matter where you need to be this festive season — whether it’s running […]

Every vote counts. But, some votes may come later in the day due to a busted car or a problem in getting a ride. At SOCAR, we are proud to enable Malaysians nationwide to perform their civic duty this 19 November 2022. And so, we are excited to extend our Driving Week promotion to ensure […]

Here in Kota Kinabalu is where you will find lush views of the forest and mountain range, an astounding array of beautiful islands, and a melting pot of cultures. And, here in Kota Kinabalu is where you will also find a SOCAR zone throughout the city. What is SOCAR? We aspire to make mobility easier […]

This just in: Santa Claus is out of town. Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here. No chimney? No biggie. SOCAR is all you need to receive the ultimate Christmas gifts! Over RM50,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs! ‘Tis SO the season to win these SO-good-to-be-true prizes: 1 x Grand Prize (highest total […]