#TheSOCARWay – Shared Cars, Shared Lifestyle.

Being part of the car-sharing community comes with mutual responsibilities.

That is why we’ve created #TheSOCARWay – a set of guidelines and tips from SOCAR to the community – to foster goodness and the right practices as we enjoy the shared experience together.

Every action matters. Do your part today, for a safe and reliable car-sharing community tomorrow.

Practice #TheSOCARWay in every drive

Keep your fun in the zone

At the end of your trip, ensure to park the SOCAR back at its designated SOCAR zone. Avoid leaving the car at a different zone or other areas, as this will cause issues for the next members or our SOCAR team.

Return from your trip
feeling complete

We share almost everything in the community, but your personal belongings stay personal! Keep your items safe, and make sure to pick up all of your belongings before you complete the car return.

When the engines start,
the habits stop.

Please bear in mind that the SOCAR community practices a smoke/vape-free drive. This is to avoid third-hand exposure and ensure the car’s clean environment and. Take a short break along your journey if necessary.

What fuels you,
fuels others too.

Try not to leave the SOCAR with an empty tank, so the next person can enjoy a smooth drive and continue the cycle. Always remember to refuel on your way back and keep the receipt to claim later with fuel reimbursement.

Every drive is a fresh start

A clean care ensures a safe and reliable experience. Keep every SOCAR as clean as you would if it was your own. Pick up your trash and clean up after yourself throughout your drive.

Prepare cards up
your sleeve

Bear in mind that your SOCAR booking does not come with a TnG card. To enjoy a win-win situation, prepare your driving necessities before you begin the drive.

Handle & carry with care

SOCAR is a pet-friendly service. To maintain car hygiene and keep your furiends comfortable, always practice safety measures and clean up after your pets during your trip.

Never miss the spot

A SOCAR zone may have multiple parking lots, but it is not a public parking space. So the next time you SOCAR, treat every other SOCAR parking like it is someone else’s spot.

Easy tap, easy come
and go.

Now you can locate your car easily via the SOCAR app. Simply go to the ‘Road descriptions / Surroundings’ feature to find a SOCAR zone.

More to come!

Watch this space for more updates.

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