4 Reasons Free-Floating is Great For Your Wallet, Timing, Sanity & Health!

If you’re not already Free-Floating, you’re missing out!

Get the power to book and return SOCARs at any MBPP parking lot in Penang Island. Just pick up and park anywhere once you’re done doing multiple trips. Did we also mention that it’s a cheaper, more flexible and super convenient option compared to ride-hailing ? Plus our private cars get sanitised regularly too!

Let’s dive deeper into 4 reasons why Free-Floating is better for you. 

1. Make the money saving choice

Free-Floating starts from as low as RM4.74 for 30 mins, that’s decent savings of 60% compared to a one-way ride-hailing trip. You can’t argue with that math. 😉

  • Free-Floating – RM4.74 per 30 mins booking
  • Ride-hailing – RM17-22 depending on peak hour factor

2. More freedom, more fun

Plans can change in an instant. So go with the flow with Free-Floating. With more than 10,000 MBPP parking lots available, you can always drop off a Free-Floating car anywhere near you.

  • Free-Floating – Free to make stops, catch a cup of coffee, & say hi to a friend before reaching your end.
  • Ride-hailing / Public bus – Linear, boring, & no way of turning back if you forgot something at home.

3. Safety & privacy first

Compared with Ride-hailing, Free-Floating gives you the privilege of having complete privacy. Enjoy a more comfortable ride, with just you and your ride or die crew. 

  • Free-Floating – The space is all yours. No random strangers, no funny businesses.
  • Ride hailing / Public bus  – It’s either you’re forced to have small talk with the driver or be wary of social distancing on the bus. 

4. Suits your lifestyle

When you need it, Free-Floating gots you. For  day-to-day routines and special, important trips, we got you!

Beat peak hour pricing from home to work/college!

Load up in a Free-Floating ride on shopping errands/trips!

Make all your outside office meetings on time like a boss!

Pack your bags and cruise down to the Bus/Ferry Transit Terminals without worry!

Affordability, safety, convenience, and accessibility. It’s obvious that Free-Floating car-sharing is THE right way to go. We’re powering Penang with Free-Floating. So pay close attention to this space – there will be many more coverage areas to be revealed!

Here’s further details on our Free-Floating Zones in Penang!  https://socar.my/blog/2020/03/11/park-anywhere-in-penang-with-free-floating-zones/

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