#ParkAnywhere in Penang with Free-Floating Zones

With over 1,000 SOCAR Zones across Malaysia, there’s plenty of locations to easily book, and pickup a SOCAR from. And once you’re done with your roundtrip booking, all you have to do is return the SOCAR back to the zone you picked it up from.

“But what if I want to return the SOCAR wherever I want?”

Introducing, Penang Free-Floating Zones

Unlike our regular SOCAR Zones, our industry-first Penang Free-Floating Zones not only allow our members to book any of our designated Free-Floating cars (located at Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang parking lots), but also have the added convenience to pickup AND return the car at any MBPP parking lot!

This new Free-Floating service not only increases the availability of our cars, but also allows our members the flexibility of returning the car at other locations.

You can spot our new Free-Floating cars by the unique ‘Free-Floating’ sticker on the side of the SOCAR.

How do I book a Free-Floating car?

Booking a car from a Free-Floating zone is just as easy as any regular SOCAR roundtrip booking :

  1. Find any ‘Free-Floating’ pin (in Penang) on the SOCAR app, as indicated by yellow Free-Floating balloons. Currently, you can find Penang Free-Floating Zones at these locations :
    • Food Court @ Bayan Baru
    • CIMB @ Bayan Baru
    • Maybank @ Bayan Baru
    • MR. D.I.Y. @ Vantage Point
    • China House @ Victoria St.
    • MBPP Street Parking @ Front of Gurney Plaza
    • MBPP Street Parking @ Golden Triangle
    • MBPP Street Parking @ Front of BJ Court Condo
    • MBPP Parking @ Terminal Bus, Sg. Nibong
    • Public Bank @ Macalister Rd

    You can also comment / message us at any of our social media platforms to suggest new MBPP parking lots you would like to book our cars from.
  2. Make a booking within ONE HOUR of your desired reservation period (and apply any available SOCAR promo codes). Due to the nature of Free-Floating Zones, you may not pre-book a car beyond one hour of your current time.
  3. Return the car to ANY MBPP parking lot, as indicated by the unique MBPP signboards, and include the parking location address, description, and images (up to 5) upon returning the car, to assist the next member to find the free-floating car.


Wait, there’s more!

From just RM3/Hour*, SOCAR Penang’s Free Floating Raya Period promo is 72% cheaper (based on a 30 minute ride) than ride-hailing. Here are also some reasons why ?? allows you to gerak responsibly and easily!

  1. Every private SOCAR vehicle is sanitised daily, and with Free-Floating you can pick-up then #parkanywhere in MBBP parking lots across the island!
  2. You can get a SOCAR-2-U, drive to multiple spots and just drop off at the nearest MBBP parking lot – a whole lot convenience during this festive week from only RM3/Hour. 
  3.  Do last minute Raya shopping, commute back to work, complete all your errands, all in the privacy of your Free-Floating  SOCAR !

Don’t miss out! This Raya promo price is valid for all FREE-FLOATING cars in Penang from only 22 – 28 May 2020.