Be Driven by #WomenDrivers

Women have come a long way from becoming the unsung heroes behind doors of homes. Through generations women have been fighting for a better life, or simply to be heard.

Today, women are empowered like never before.

Education activist, Malala Yousafzai, took a bullet while fighting for children’s rights to education. Not long ago in 2017, Saudi Arabia finally lifted the ban on female drivers. The first all-women spacewalk took place in late 2019 and made monumental history.

Women are continuously making an impact in every way possible.

To us at SOCAR, empowering women means bringing light on the real matters dealt by a woman every single day. And we’re doing it this time by discussing about ‘women drivers’.

We are here to counter the negative stereotypes that describe ‘women drivers’ by redefining the meaning as empowerment-driven messages.

So the next time you hear about #WomenDrivers, you will think of the values that drive women, instead of the prejudiced notion that women are bad drivers.

Join us on this movement and inspire others or be inspired to continue to drive a change with your voice and power. Not just for yourselves, but for those around you as well.

Happy Women’s Day from SOCAR.

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