How to Set Your Mileage Package

Ready to hit the open road? 

But first, did you know that the further you go, the more you save. That’s right, here’s how you can plan your journey ahead with a better mileage plan. We want to make sure that you’re all covered and set for your trip! 

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How to set your mileage package 

Mileage Package is a prepaid mileage option for you to purchase when you make your booking. This comes in handy for your long journey, you can plan ahead and select the option that suits your whole journey. 

Mileage purchased from the mileage package will be added to your booking. Any extra mileage will be calculated based on the excess distance and charged to the registered payment method at RM0.25 per excess kilometer for all car models.

But do note that you will not be able to make changes or modify the Mileage Package once you have made your reservation.

How to add additional mileage to your booking

  1. Once you have selected the date, time, and car, you’ll be guided to the “Value Add-Ons” section, where you can choose your mileage options
  1. You can add multiplications of 10km, 50km or 100km based on your needs. The more you drive, the cheaper it gets.
  1. Once you’ve selected the required mileage, simply proceed with the booking completion. All set! Safe drives! 

Now that you know how to set your mileage package on the new SOCAR app, want to learn more about the other features on the app? Click on the links below.

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