How to Reimburse Fuel Anytime, Even After Booking.

When we say we made it better for YOU, we truly mean it! 

That’s why we have implemented the fuel reimbursement feature not only during your booking but also afterwards. 

The best part, you also have the option to get your reimbursement credited as SOCAR points or straight to your bank account. But do note that fuel reimbursements made through bank transfers will usually take 10-14 working days to process.

Hence, we recommend selecting Instant SOCAR Points for reimbursement for a shorter turnaround time, usually under a day.

Wondering how? We got you!
Here’s a quick guide for you to make your fuel reimbursement during or after your booking.

MoveSmarter with SOCAR

During your active booking

  1. Tap on the “Bookings” page on your new SOCAR app and select the “Fuel Reimbursement” option.
  1. This will open the page for you to begin your fuel reimbursement request. Tap the “Request Now” button.
  1. Get ready to take a picture of you holding your fuel receipt next to the road tax sticker on your SOCAR. Ensure all the information is visible and both fit in the image nicely.
  1. Key in your date and time, litres fueled and the amount paid.
  1. Select the preferred reimbursement option and press “Submit Now.”
  1. All done! Your reimbursement will be credited to your preferred option.

After completing your booking

  1. Tap on the “Bookings” page, and select the “Ended” tab to view your completed bookings.
  2. Select the booking that you’d like to request reimbursement for, and select the “Fuel Reimbursement” option
  1. Follow steps #2 to #6 in the previous section and complete your request.

Now that you know how to reimburse fuel anytime on the new SOCAR app, want to learn more about the other features on the app? Click on the links below.

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