CHUP! with Duit Rakyat to Earn RM100!

In case you missed the buzz, SOCAR has introduced CHUP! where you can turn your empty parking space into a SOCAR zone & gives you unlimited SOCAR rewards.

Now, CHUP! is giving you the opportunity to earn MORE money through our Duit Rakyat programme!

RM100 for Every 2 referrals

Yep, it’s exactly as easy as you think! Earn RM100 every time your friends use your Duit Rakyat referral link to make their first booking. Except this time, you need to share your link to your neighbourhood buddies!

Gather your geng jiran tetangga and get them to try out SOCAR, and you get RM100 for every 2 successful first time bookings. The best part is, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. So the more you share, the more you’ll get!

Easy Peasy Steps to Make Cash

  1. First things first, visit to sign up.

  2. Once you’ve logged in, copy & share your referral link.

  3. After your friends have completed their bookings, you can see your earnings and cash out at the end of the month!

Seize your opportunity with CHUP X Duit Rakyat, and do your part for the community by helping your friends ease their essential drives this CMCO.

Win A Bonus Reward worth RM500!

If RM100 is not sweet enough, you can stand a chance to win a SOCAR+ promo coupon worth RM500.

All you need to do is get at least 5 successful Duit Rakyat referrals, and the CHUPERSTAR with the most money earned will win!

Terms & Conditions

  1. This program is eligible for SOCAR CHUP! Hosts only.
  2. CHUP Hosts are required to register at Bank account details of CHUP Hosts will be required during the registration process.
  3. Every 2 successful referrals will allow CHUP! Host to earn RM100 cash. 
  4. Only ONE BONUS REWARD will be given to one CHUP Host who fulfils 2  conditions below: 
    a. Host who refers minimum of 5 successful referrals (without cancellation bookings)
    b. Host refers the most number of successful referrals in the month
  5. Cash payout must be submitted by end of the month. Duit Rakyat CASH PAYOUT will be credited into CHUP! Host’s bank account within 10  working days of the following month.
  6. If CHUP! Hosts do not further continue the 3 months contract, contract termination due to any reasons, CHUP Host can continue to share Duit Rakyat links to other new members and earn cash reward. However, this Host will not be entitled to win Bonus Reward.

Visit SOCAR CHUP!’s website here.

Visit Duit Rakyat’s page here.


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