SOCAR Goes Electric with Tenaga Nasional ⚡⚡⚡

With the dream of improving transportation for commuters and travellers in Malaysia, one of our other major goals is to also help the environment through our car-sharing platform.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with Tenaga Nasional to introduce our first Electric Vehicle (EV) SOCAR model for our members to enjoy!

Introducing, the Renault Zoe :

• Powered by : 22kWh lithium-ion battery.
• E-motor generates : 87hp / 220Nm.
• Top speed : 135km/h.
• Estimated mileage : 210–240km (full charge).
Maximum booking time : 5 hours

How to book the Renault ZOE EV?

To book the Renault ZOE, open the SOCAR app and find the SOCAR EV Zones on the booking screen indicated by the green ‘plug pin’ :

The SOCAR EV Zones are currently located at these 2 locations :

Shaftsbury Square @ Cyberjaya

D’PULZE Shopping Centre @ Cyberjaya

How to drive the SOCAR EV?

After making a booking (5 hours max booking), here are 3 steps to take before you can enjoy your SOCAR EV drive :

Any SOCAR EV promos?

On the checkout screen, apply the ‘SOELECTRIC’ promo code to get 40% OFF your EV booking (5 hours max booking).

Powered by Tenaga Nasional

Thanks to our EV partner, Tenaga Nasional, we were able to install charging stations at our SOCAR EV Zones, and finally introduce our first EV SOCAR model for all our members to enjoy. ⚡