SOCAR Penang: 7 Things You Need To Know!

In case you haven’t heard or don’t follow us on social media (which you probably should), SOCAR has officially expanded to Penang.

That’s right! SOCAR’s car-sharing services are now available in four states after Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor. Earmarked as a marquee expansion especially for tourists, Penang’s unique charm, heritage and food will make you fall in love with travelling all over again.

That said, here’s 7 things to know about SOCAR Malaysia’s expansion to Penang:

1. Available on the island and in mainland

To ensure you get to experience the very best of what Penang has to offer, we’re making sure both island and mainland areas are equally prioritized to ensure our SOCARs are accessible to all.

2. Penang already has 70 cars and 36 SOCAR zones

You can already find our cars on the road! Although we’ve yet to ship all 18 car models available, we’re working hard to increase our footprint in Penang.

At this moment, you can enjoy the flexibilty and comfort of the Perodua Axia, Proton Iriz, Toyota Vios, Honda City, Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda BR-V and yes, the MINI Cooper.

3. The SOCAR fam hosted a Happy Hour event

Without the support of our partners and the Penang community, we wouldn’t be able to bring our services to Northern Malaysia. Our casual gathering was hosted by our partners, CommonGround who recently launched their Penang co-working space located in Moulmein Rise, Georgetown.

To our surprise, we were very pleased with the community’s willingness to attend our Happy Hour event despite our Instagram invitation being announced on the day itself!

4. The food was euphoric!

What didn’t we have? From Hameed’s Mee Sotong, Deen Maju’s Nasi Kandar, Gurney Drive’s array of hawker food stalls, Penang Road’s cendol and so much more!

For the SOCAR team, it wasn’t just about getting stuffed with delicious food. We visited a few hidden (literally hiding in a fridge, hidden) gems which gave us the impression that Penang never sleeps.

5. You can enjoy 70% OFF your bookings in Penang!

It’s not an error! From now until 24 March 2019, all our members can enjoy 70% OFF their reservation fee when they book a SOCAR from any of our zones in Penang. So, what are you waiting for?

Keep in mind of the terms and conditions where a minimum 7 hour reservation is required for this promotion and does not include the MINI Cooper or BMW 330e.

6. SOCAR is hiring in Penang!

We have a mission and you can be directly involved in making sure we achieve our goals as we grow together! By expanding to Penang, we’ve also set up our own SOCAR office as well with a steady workforce.

If you are interested to join the SOCAR fam, do visit our careers page here

7. Definitely not the last! More to come soon!

Following our expansion to Penang, you can bet that there’s more to come from SOCAR Malaysia in 2019. Our goal has always been to enable everyone to drive without the commitments of owning a car.

With that said, stay tuned for our latest updates, promotions and new features by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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