How to redeem my Stress Free Pass

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How to redeem my Stress Free Pass

Stress Free Pass: All you need to know

Are you ready? Buckle yourself up for SOCAR’s new adventure! We’re here to bring you the best deals for your utmost convenience and comfort.

Drive your worries away, with our Stress Free Pass. It’s your all new answer to elevating your SOcial afterwork hours, be it going for a late night movie or to a local café with your friends and family.

Need a car to get you there? We’ve got you covered!

SOCAR’s Stress Free Pass allows you to book a car after work hours from 7pm to 8am, Mondays to Thursdays.

We offer a wide range of prices for you to select from. Go as low as RM 28 for the entire night!

 Perodua AxiaHonda CityHonda HR-V
Monday - Thursday
7pm - 8am

*Prices listed above are excluding GST

What do I have to do, you ask?


Step 1:

Download our app SOCAR Malaysia via your smartphones.

If  you’re an Android user : Google Play 

If you’re an iOS user: App Store

Step 2:

Open SOCAR App and click on ‘Sign Up’.

The app will direct you to a registration platform, fill in your necessary details and get your number verified by the app.

Step 3:

Get your IC/Passport (and you biggest smile) ready!  Don’t forget your Drivers License (local or international) too.

To be a SOCAR member, you need to be 21 and above.

You will be charged a one-time membership fee of RM10 upon your first booking.


Follow the simple steps here on how to apply a promo at the check out page. Or just follow the illustration guide below!



Step 1: Select your preferred SOCAR Zone and reservation time

Step 2: Tap on the “Promotion” drop-down to select your Stress Free Pass. (valid to one time redemption per day)

It’s as easy as that! Enjoy a night with your friends and family.

Perks at a glance:

  • 30KM/hour mileage is covered
  • insurance is covered in the flat rate fees too
  • need to refuel? just use our Shell card to refuel at any Shell Station
  • Guaranteed parking when you return your SOCAR

Happy driving everyone!



  1. Wan megat arief

    No 3 jalan saga 18 taman saga ampang selangor 6800 ampang selangor

  • SOCAR Admin

    Hi Wan Megat, thank you for reaching out to us. For a quicker response, kindly share with us your inquiries on our Facebook Page at SOCAR Malaysia: :)

  • Faraz Ahmed

    If I need socar in different time.

  • Kathiresan Annamalai

    I couldn't find Stress Free Pass (Promotion) drop down in my login, is it applicable only for selected members ?

  • Daniel Lai

    Hi, it's already 6.09pm and I still can't able to apply the promo code

  • Deep

    If I need to extend the hour am I need to return the car first?

  • Lim Min Fu

    My enquiry on the stress free pass resulted in a stressful experience instead. First 1:1 answer Stress free pass is available for weekdays Second 1:1 answer SOCAR weekday is redefined as from Monday to Thursday therefore initial advice was deemed correct and asking me to refer to the rates for Friday which is supposed to be more expensive than weekdays. Third 1:1 answer When I checked it was untrue and challenged again, customer service came back with. Our weekend rates starts after a certain time on Friday and ask me to go look at the app now. In summary Do you think this is a stressful experience? I should have read the blog first rather than putting myself under stress by communicating with your poorly trained customer service team whom does not understand the basics of your policy which leads to a customer to go away with an impression that SOCAR is a dishonest company but is am sure is likely not.

  • siti

    please.. cannot login my socar id. sudah booking untuk 2 hari pakai raya.

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