Frequently Asked Questions

Accident Care

  • How does the "Excess" Coverage for a SOCAR member work? SOCAR Insurance provides coverage to its SOCAR Members, under which the Member shall make reasonable effort to assist the Company in submitting a claim. However, the Company does not guarantee the results of any claim submitted for coverage under the Company’s insurance. The hourly subscription fee is inclusive of the Member's insurance coverage during his reserved period. The Member is covered for unlimited liability for death or injury to third parties, and property damage liability up to RM 3,000,000.00 on a per occurrence basis, subject to Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This Insurance coverage shall only be effective if the reserved Member and/or the Designated Driver: lodges a police report on the accident; and reports the accident to the Company immediately from the time of the accident.

    The Member will be entitled to CDW as part of the Fees to be paid by the Member depending on the Vehicle. The CDW covers damage to the Vehicle which is not caused by the Member’s act or omission, and the Member shall only be liable to make payment for the excess amount and you can find excess amount at [SOCAR Terms and Conditions - Article 10. Insurance]. By the way, this protection does not apply for damages as a result of illegal, negligence, careless actions, tyre punctures, bust tyre, fuel errors, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories and damages of windows, mirror and undercarriage.

    When you're processing an accident report, SOCAR members are responsible to get all necessary third party's detailed information such as vehicle registration number, driver’s name and his/her driver's licence number with pictures. If the claims cannot be made against third party insurance, SOCAR member will need to bear the cost subject to excess clause as mentioned above.
  • I had an accident. What should I do? SOCAR reservation includes insurance. Please call our Customer Service immediately and we will assist you from there. Our insurance includes PAI(Personal Accident Insurance).
    You may need to check [Socar Terms and Conditions - Article 10. Insurance]


  • What is D2D? D2D stands for Door-To-Door! It is an additional service which we provide which delivers the car straight to your desired pick-up and return points. It works similar to a valet service, except you can choose your pickup and return location. [insert coverage map]. The D2D delivery fee is RM 5 (includes both pickup and drop-off)
    Here's how you can include a D2D service on your mobile app:
    Socar App > Book now > Make a reservation through D2D reservation.
  • What is the requirement for D2D? There is no requirement needed for D2D, it works the same as a normal SOCAR booking would - except instead of picking up your own SOCAR, we bring it to you! No minimum hours of booking, just make sure your pick-up and return points are within the return zone.
  • What is the basic requirement to sign up for D2D? 1. Malaysian/International driver's license of at least 2 years experience and above.
    2. Validate your IC by taking a selfie with your IC next to your face upon sign-up.

    SOCAR App > Sign Up
  • What’s the minimal time requirement for me to book in advance? All bookings are inclined to be booked 30 mins prior to delivery.
  • How do I get access to the keys to unlock the cars? All of our cars incorporates a keyless system that is operated by the SOCAR App, therefore Users would not have to worry about losing the keys and forgetting to leave them in the car after the booking has ended.
  • What type of phone is compatible with downloading the app? Smartphone. Both iOS (iOS 8 and above) and Android (V4.3 and above) compatible.
  • What are the business/operation hours? Operation hours begin from 7.00 AM - 7.00 PM daily Mondays to Fridays only, bookings for D2D pick-up and drop-off are made available only during this hour.
  • Which location is D2D applicable now? The area of operation is currently within Bangsar with our cars parked around the vicinity. Our D2D program helps deliver a car to you making your experience more convenient.
  • How does the customer pick up the cars? You don't have to. We deliver it to your preferred pickup location. Please be precise when entering your pickup address. There is also a notes section to help.
  • Will I have to be at the pickup location during the exact time of requested pick-up (time booking starts)? Our users are not required to be exactly at the pickup point during the requested time. Since there isn’t any handing over of keys, there wouldn’t be any needed interaction between our staff. Please ensure though that the selected pick-up address allows for the car to be parked (and there is no risk of the car being removed, clamped or towed).
  • Once I’m done with the car, where do I drop it off? Users enjoy the flexibility of dropping off the car anywhere within the designated coverage zone and our delivery agents will take over from there. Drop off locations have to be selected within the booking screen [or via whatsapp to our D2D operator number].
  • What happens if I drop off the car later than the supposed drop off timing? You can extend your booking time using the app and you will be required to inform the D2D operations team (via whatsapp of the new return time). It needs to be before 7:00 PM as that is the latest drop-off time.
    Charges would resume as per usual for the extended time (you can extend based on 10 minute intervals).
  • Will I be able to drop the car off after operation hours? Unfortunately, none of our delivery agents are available after the operation hour. You will need to extend the booking to 7am the following day (you will automatically be charged the daily rate if >10 hours but <24 hours). You also have the option to drop-off your car at the designated zone yourself to avoid the daily charge.
  • How do I make payment for the service? User's payment method option would be requested upon registration, all payments made through a secure Braintree payment gateway (powered by Paypal). Our services are applicable to both debit card and credit card holders.
  • Are there extra charges for D2D comparing to the usual product? To ensure a more seamless and convenient service, the D2D fee will be RM5 per booking (includes both pick-up and drop-off)
  • If I wanted to book the car passed the initial booking hours, how do I extend? Simply re-enter the booking details through our SOCAR app to extend your usage hours!
  • If I’m unhappy about the condition of the vehicle, can i get another to be changed? In such cases, our D2D operations team would personally look into the situation and help assist the you should there be any unexpected defects. Our operator is reachable within the provided hotline: +60 12-665 0323
  • Upon receiving a car, would there be petrol provided? And who pays for petrol? Yes, there would be petrol within the vehicle upon receiving. This initial amount is already inclusive upon the one-off payment fee, covering up to 30/km per hour. Any distance covered after that would incur a RM 0.25/km charge.
  • What are the procedures for Users to pump petrol into the car once it's almost out? Users are often advised to fill the car petrol at SHELL station once it's below 25% of the entire fuel tank, using the petrol card provided within each SOCAR. This serves as one of our main terms and condition to improve the experience for the next user. A warning (and/or penalty for repeated measures) will be issued as a prevalent to ensure this term.


  • What is SOCAR? SOCAR is a car-sharing platform that allows you to book a car which suits your needs by the hour, day or week all through using our mobile application. Download the SOCAR app today to experience stress-free driving.
  • How can I get help from SOCAR Customer Service? You can drop us an 1:1 Inquiry on our webpage and application!
  • There aren't any SOCAR Zones around me. Can I still make a reservation? Yes, you can. You can opt-in for our D2D where our SOCAR delivery agent will drop the car off for you at your preferred location. A minimal charge may incur for D2D delivery.
  • How does SOCAR work? Follow the steps below to unlock and start driving your very own SOCAR:
    1) Download the SOCAR app from app. store. It is available on both Android and iOS.
    2) Sign-up with a valid driver's license, ID, and payment information (credit/debit card).
    3) Verify your account (you will receive a verification code via SMS) and you can begin making your reservation.
    4) Head over to the SOCAR Zone and find your car. Take photos of front, rear, right, and left and send it to us through the app. You're all set!
    5) Ensure you return the car on time and in a clean condition with 1/4 of petrol tank filled. If you need to refuel, simply use the petrol card we have in the car.


  • How do I use my promotion code when making a reservation? Promotions can be selected at the time of reservation.
    Depending on the rental conditions, applicable promotions can be activated and selected.
  • Does applying a promotion code means I do not have to pay for any extra fees? Promo code is only applicable for rental rates. Extra fees (penalties, extra mileage, etc) are still charged to the registered payment card at the time of return.
  • I see promotion codes on my Profile, but they're not appearing for my reservation. Applicabe promo codes will automatically appear when making reservations. Please check the details and conditions of your promo codes.
    My Page ▷ My Promotion
  • Can I transfer the registered promo code to another person? For promo codes already registered, transfer is not possible.
    Promo codes can be transferred to someone else's account if they offer a "gift" to friends whom I invited.
  • I made a reservation by applying promo codes. In case of canceing a reservation, my applied promo code also erase? If the validity of the promo code remains, cancel the reservation and you will be reissued again.
    Reissued promo codes can be found on My Page ▷ My Promotion.
    If the promo code expires, canceling the reservation will be canceled.
  • I'm going to extend my reservation. Is promo code applicable at extended time? Promo codes can only be applied to car rental rates at the time of initial reservation.
    Promo code can not be applied for extended rental rates.
  • Can I share a promo codes? Promo codes can not be used in partials.
    If you book with a promo code, even if your reservation is shorter than your free time, you can not get a refund for the remaining time.
  • Can I use duplicate promo codes when booking? Only one promo code is allowed per booking. By the way, it can be possible on some exceptional case like as mass promotion event.
  • How do I apply for a promo code when booking? Promo codes can be selected at the time of booking.
    Depending on the rental conditions, applicable promo codes can be activated and selected.
  • Where do I check my promo code and register my promo code? The promo code registration and confirmation is possible from 'SOCAR App (or Homepage) ☞ My Page ▷ My Promotion


  • I'm still a P license driver (Probationary Driving licence). Can I still be a SOCAR member? Unfortunately, our SOCAR service is only applicable for CDL drive license user. So if your driver license is PDL or LDL, kindly check your driver license status on JPJ's website ( and update us (how?)
    ※ Driving Experience Certificate Issuing Authority (PC only)
    - Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia ▷
  • What are the steps and documents I need to be a SOCAR member? You only need to snap a selfie with your driving license or international driving permit next to your face upon sign-up.
    Tap on the Sign up button to get started.
    SOCAR App > Sign Up
  • How can I become a 'SOCAR member'? All SOCAR members must be the age of 21 or above with a valid CDL (Competent Driving License). We charge a one-time fee of RM10 for the membership. This fee goes into your first SOCAR reservation. Foreigners can be a member too, simply verify with a valid IDP(International Driving Permit), passport, and proper approval document issued by the Malaysian Government. For more information, please check out our [Terms & Conditions].
  • I was charged RM1 through my credit card/debit card. What is that charge for? The RM1 charge is for verification and security purposes. It is refundable and you'll need to contact your credit card/debit card issuer and they can walk you through the refund process.
  • I want to change my profile's name after I've signed up. Yes. If you would like to change your name for a valid reason, you can drop us a 1:1 inquiry. You'll need to provide us your MyKad or passport number you have entered upon sign-up. The changes will be made once it has been verified.
  • If I change my mobile number, do I have to re-verify? Yes. Please do so at My page ▷ My Profile
  • What do I do if I can't get my mobile number verified? You can only verify your mobile phone with your name. However, if you are using a mobile phone under someone else's name (family member, corporate mobile phone, etc), you can verify yourself through a separate document checking procedure.
  • Why do I have to verify my mobile number? By verifying your mobile number, it promotes a safe culture for car sharing and your personal information is protected. You can become our member only when all the information (driver's license, ID, payment information, mobile number) provided are a match.
  • Can foreigners use SOACR as well? If you are a foreigner, you must meet conditions below to be a SOCAR member:
    1. 21 years old or above
    2. 2 years of driving experience or more
    3. Have an existing International Driver License (IDL) even if your domestic driver's license is dated less than a year.
    If you have a different type of permit, please submit a photocopy of your driver's license permit on the 1:1 inquiry page on the mobile app for further verification.
  • How long does it take to become a member? We try our best to shorten the approval waiting-time. However, it may take up to 24 hours.
  • Is it possible to re-enroll right after the withdrawal? You will be restricted for three months to re-enroll. If you need to change your ID/name, please contact our Customer Service thru webpage and app 1:1 inquiry.
  • How do I leave membership? Membership can be withdrawn ONLY from SOCAR WEBPAGE.
    Follow the steps below:
    ☞ Login ▷ My Pofile ▷ My Info. ▷ Unsubscribe

    [!] Be sure to check the following precautions before you withdraw
    - After withdrawal, you can only sign-up 3 months later from the date of withdrawal.
    - Withdrawal can be delayed if there is any balance due.
    - SOCAR credits at the time of withdrawal will not be refunded, but be forfeited.
  • I can't get my license approval because my license is re-issued. If your license is re-issued and doesn't have the original issued date, please obtain a certificate of driving experience from the JPJ ( and attach the photograph of the certificate in the 1:1 inquiry on SOCAR webpage.

    ※ Driving Experience Certificate Issuing Authority (PC only)
    - JPJ:
  • How do I change my profile photo? ■ Android phone
    - SOCAR App▷ My page ▷ My Profile

    ■ iPhone
    - The profile picture of your SNS account(Facebook) is automatically linked to SOCAR.
    If you want to change your profile image, please change the profile picture of your connected SNS account and then click 'SNS App ▷ My Info ▷ SNS Account'

Reservation and Payment

  • What is the extra charges?
  • What is tax statement? Goods and Services Tax (GST) is charged on SOCAR services in Malaysia based on the 'Goods and Services Tax Act 2014'.
    ☞ SOCAR App ▷ My Page ▷My reservation
  • Can I add more than one payment cards? Up to 3 payment cards can be registered.
    ☞ SOCAR App ▷ My Page ▷ My payment
    ☞ SOCAR homepage ▷ My page ▷ My information ▷ Payment card ▷ Add payment card

Reservation and Price

  • What is the price for the SOCAR rental? Please feel free to join Socar on today and you can find amazing price through SOCAR Application. Depends on promotion and Socar Zone, price will be slightly different.
    Every Socar fare is subject to GST 6%.
  • Do I need to pay for security deposit or additional fee? You don't need to place a deposit. However, there will be one-time membership fee of RM10 which will be charged to your credit/debit card upon your first reservation.
  • What is the minimum rental period? It's depends on your tendency, requirements. On the SOCAR application, you can makes minimum 1 hour to over month reservation like as a day, a week, etc at your preffered location.
  • What is include on SOCAR price? SOCAR' price is including petrol and insurance. Depends on booking time, we are including complementary mileage and insrance coverage. There will be changes for promotional period, distance can be change too. Default distance is 15 Km per hour and in case of excess this distance, RM 0.25 per km will be automatically charge after returning. When there's lack of petrol, you can refuel useing our petrol card which located in sunvisor. (Illegal refueling is strictly monitored by SOCAR solution. We installed sensor on fuel tank and check fuel status on real-time) Any illegal refuel detect case, we can investigate and charged to suspector include civil liability.
  • Would you let me know about daily rate? SOCAR daily rate is included in fee for only up to 150 Km per days fuel and exceeding mileage allowance is RM 0.25 per excess kilometer. And it's same fare as 10 hour reservation and above. We are covering insurance whole reserved time.
  • Would you let me know the way to starting SOCAR? You can find SOCAR User Guide on our webpage( on step by step with connected Youtube link. [Youtube Link For User Guide] When you have any questions, please feel free to using our FAQ on webpage and if that can not satisfied your requirements, please feel free to contact SOCAR Customer Service Representative through 1:1 web inquiry on SOCAR Webpage.


  • How does SOCAR Return Policy process work? First, check if you have at least 1/4 petrol tank left. If not, please fill it up to 1/4 tank. Then, drive safely to the designated SOCAR Zone. If there is another vehicle there already, call our Customer Service. Remember to turn off all lights, lock door, and then touch 'Return' button on SOCAR app. In case the button doesn't work, please make sure all windows and doors are shut, and all lights should be turned off. When all of this is done, snap a picture of the car, just like you did at the beginning and report it through the SOCAR app.
  • What does the Return Policy say about late returns? Please extend your schedule through SOCAR app, but if you can't do it because another user's waiting, call our Customer Service and we'll help you reschedule it. However, you will be charged for rescheduling via Customer Service agent as below.
    10 to 30 minutes: RM 30 penalty
    over 30 minutes: RM 30 penalty + (2x Rental Fees per hour or every part thereof)

Use of Vehicle

  • I left something in SOCAR. What should I do? Please drop your mobile number and request to our Customer Service your SOCAR app or web 1:1 inquiry.
  • Can I return the car at a different location? Yes, you can. We provide D2D service. For more details, check out the FAQs on D2D.
  • IS petrol covers? Yes, it is covered. Petrol and insurance is covered in our hourly subscription price.
    If you need to refuel, head over to the nearest SHELL gas station and refuel your SOCAR using our petrol card located in the sun-visor pocket.
    If there's any extra mileage rate, it will be calculate based on the excess distance travelled and payment will be charged to the registered credit /debit payment card.

    ※There will be no refund for any petrol fees if you the payment is made using your own cash or credit card.
    ※ The excess running rate is flexible according to the fluctuation of the petrol price.
  • Can someone else drive the SOCAR I booked? Only the registered driver can drive SOCAR. However, you'll be able to add an additional driver in the future once we feature it on the mobile app.
  • What do I do if there is another car parked at my reserved spot? If you find a different car on your designate SOCAR Zone, please contact our Customer Serivce (refer to your reservation notice) and we will guide you to the nearest parking spot.
  • What if I made a traffic violation or received parking ticket penalties? If you made a traffic violation, please contact our SOCAR Customer Service Representative immediately. Let us know about the type of summon/s you were charged with (speeding, PDRM, JPJ, DBKL and etc).

    If a summon is issued to you, please contact SOCAR Customer Centre and providde an update us as soon as possible once payment has been made. For any unpaid summons, it will be managed by our SOCAR Customer Service Representative and charges will be incurred.

    Summons charges will be charged to credit card/debit card. For more information on ""Fees"", please refer to our FAQs on additional charges.
  • Can I vape or smoke inside my SOCAR? Vaping and smoking in a SOCAR is strictly prohibited. Let's keep it nice and clean for other SOCAR members too or it will be a RM300 charge for penalty.

    By the way, if you find someone vaping or smoking inside SOCAR, please inform us by taking a picture of the scene with the plate number. You will be rewarded for your paparazzi shot!
  • Is there Smart Tag or Touch 'n Go inside my SOCAR? There is no Smart Tag or Touch 'n Go inside the SOCAR. You'll need to prepare your own for the road.
  • Can I eat and drink inside my SOCAR? Food and drinks are not allowed in a SOCAR. RM100 will be charged if excessive cleaning is required. If your SOCAR has a bad smell, drop our Customer Service a report via our website or 1:1 inquiry on the mobile app.
  • Can I bring my pets into a SOCAR? You absolutely can. You can travel with your furry pals as long as they're boarded in a carrier.
    However, disabled cats or dogs can be boarded without a carrier.
  • How does the 'Cancellation Policy' work? Cancellation and changes on preferred reservation can be made through the app. However, here are some important terms and conditions on our cancellation policy:
    1. There will be no charges if cancellation and/or change of reservation is made 3 hours before reservation time.
    2. A 10% fee (based on total reservation charges) will be charged if the cancellation is made lesser than 3 hours notice.
    3. For cancellation that is made 10 minutes before reservation time, user will be charged 100% with no refund.
    4. Cancellation charges are not refundable.
  • How can I reschedule my current reservation? You can reschedule your reservation through the SOCAR app! However, it all depends on the availability of the car you'd like to book. You can also reschedule through our Customer Service, but there will be a processing fee charged.
  • Does it come with a driving recorder (DVR)? All cars are installed with vehicle DVR (Driving Recorder). We use DVR for safety purpose only. Any DVR removal will be charged for violation.
  • I want to use the car earlier than the reservation schedule I made. Is this possible? Yes, it's possible. Reservations can be made via the 'SOCAR App ▷ Smart Key'
    You can edit your reserved time by 10 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour earlier, only if there is no user using it during the time.
  • Can I visit nearby countries like Thailand or Singapore by SOCAR? You can only drive your SOCAR to Singapore and not Thailand. Please check our Terms & Conditions in the future for any updates.
  • I want a carwash. What should I do? You may clean and wash your SOCAR anytime at your own cost. We check our car conditions inside and out regularly, but if you found any unclean spots or smell something bad, please let us know by sending 1:1 inquiry on SOCAR webpage.
  • Does SOCAR provide a Parking Pass? Yes, we do! Our Parking Pass is in the sunvisor. If you can't find it, contact our Customer Service. Use it for your parking tickets and we will charge it to you. Please put it back to where you found it.
  • How can I extend my reservation time? SOCAR App ▷ Smart Key
    If the SOCAR is being reserved by another person, you cannot extend your reservation time.
  • My SOCAR broke down while I was using it. What should I do? All SOCAR reservations includes insurance. Just call our Customer Service we'll guide on the next step.
    Insurance assistance runs 24-7 on ERS (Emergency Roadside Service).
  • I found damages on my reserved SOCAR. What should I do? You can submit photos of the damages through your SOCAR mobile app. Please take photos of the front, rear, right and left side of the car. This is to prevent your account from getting falsely charged for the damages you're not responsible for. So, please do follow our Damage Report process by taking photos carefully.

    Please also do a thorough paint and car body check if there are any scratches and dents that should be included in the report.
    Do also check on the tyre conditon if it's punctured or if there's a flat tyre.