7 Best Places to Shop For Hari Raya Outfits In-Store & Online

As we start to prepare for our celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, we might be scouting for some of the best discounts and promotions for all the butik baju raya as well as new arrivals from your favourite baju raya brands!

Something fun about choosing your Raya outfits is getting to choose a colour theme to match your loved ones! There are so many great places to shop for your Hari Raya outfits both in-store and online, and if you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with a list of the best places to shop for your Hari Raya outfits! Let’s get started on the list!

Types of Hari Raya Outfits

Before we get into the list, let’s talk about what type of Hari Raya outfits you’d love to style this year. Hari Raya clothes come in a variety of designs, especially now that the owners of many boutique brands are becoming increasingly creative!

As for women, you have so many choices to pick from such as Baju Kurung Kedah, Baju Kurung Pahang, Baju Kurung Pesak, Baju Kurung Johor, Modern Baju Kurung and the classic Baju Kebaya! The best part? You can find quite a number of boutique baju kurung online shops selling all of these choices!

As for men, you can style the classic Baju Melayu Cekak Musang or Teluk Belanga with your favourite tenun samping and songkok!

7 Best Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits

1. Zalora

Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - Zalora
Image Source: Zalora

Zalora, one of Malaysia’s most prominent fashion and lifestyle e-commerce websites, provides a huge selection of baju raya from a variety of brands! Just search for ZALORARAYA2023 and shop for your hari raya outfits until you drop!

Lubna, MASLEA, Tom Abang Saufi, Zalia, and many other brands are available for the ladies. Men, don’t worry, Zalora has you covered as well! Lubna, POLO HAUS, Fidelio, along with numerous other brands are available for purchase. Zalora has also got the cutest designs of Hari Raya outfits for the small ones.

From your favourite boutique baju kurung online to baju raya for your kids, Zalora has it all!

2. Kamdar

Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - Kamdar
Image Source: Kamdar Online

Kamdar is a well-known clothing brand and is known as a popular butik for baju raya! This brand is available at various locations throughout Malaysia and provide a wide spectrum of fabrics, baju melayu, baju kurung, baju raya, bridal lace, kain pasang, and curtains.

Furthermore, you can use the fabric for many reasons, especially during the festive seasons! Notably, all of the products are not only accessible in-store, but also on the online platform, which appears to be a convenient choice for those who do not want to be in a crowd. Perhaps you can drop a visit to Kamdar for some eye-catching attire for this Raya season!


Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - ANAABU
Image Source: The Sun Daily

ANAABU is an independent clothing label that weaves delicate masculinity and femininity into every piece. If you prefer a butik baju raya shop that offers minimal embellishment and muted shades, ANAABU is the one for you!

The brand primarily uses linen and cotton, which is ideal for Malaysia’s weather, and the nuances of each garment are prominent. Every collection is inspired by a story and prioritises comfort, functionality, as well as versatility. You can get them online or at their physical store in Johor!

4. Jakel

Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - Jakel
Image Source: Jakel Online

Jakel is known throughout Malaysia as a one-stop butik baju raya shop for literally anything fabric or clothes. If you’re planning on having your baju raya tailored this year, you may stop by this multi-story department store to obtain everything you need!

Chiffon, cotton, lace, linen, silk, songket, and wool are among the fabrics available. Don’t worry, Jakel also has beautiful ready-made hari raya outfits in store!

5. Khatam

Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - Jakel
Image Source: Khatam

KHATAM has become one of the community’s biggest festive attire brands. KHATAM’s mission is to produce modern attire that meets the cultural and visual needs of a new era of modesty.

KHATAM has specialised in providing menswear over the festive season since 2016 and has attracted customers from all origins and cultures over the years as the brand has grown. If you are looking for a butik baju raya shop that sells for all ages, they are now enlarging their community to include not only men but also the whole family!


Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - POPLOOK
Image Source: Nona

The qualities that inspire the POPLOOK label are modesty, variety, authenticity, affordability, inclusivity, and social awareness. POPLOOK  strives to assist all women achieve their best lives via fashion, with over 1,500 design possibilities, sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, and a flawless online/in-store purchasing experience. This store is the perfect option for those looking for butik baju raya that offers plus sizes!  The fashion name sells clothing, hijabs, bags, shoes, and a children’s line. Since its establishment in 2009, the label has received various awards, the most notable of which is that it has become the brand of choice for clients seeking top quality modest fashion. To all the women out there, you might not want to miss this one!


Shops and Boutiques To Buy Your Hari Raya Outfits - Jovian
Image Source: Jovian Mandagie

All of Jovian Mandagie’s outfits, named after the fashion designer himself, are appealing and appropriate for women and kids all over Malaysia.

Of all the butik baju raya shops that sell kebaya in Malaysia, this one stands out as the most popular and spectacular, with every single piece being simply magnificent. Jovian Mandagie, with prices ranging from RM350 to RM450, is a place where you get your dream hari raya outfits!


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